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Low adherence to medication therapy is a challenge in many aspects. It is not only a contributing factor to unnecessary suffering for both patients and their families, but it also results in large healthcare expenses that can be avoidable as well as significant financial loss for the pharmaceutical industry.

A connected drug delivery device enables patient support programs by providing real usage data. The data can be used to personalize the patient support and experience. The intent is to increase adherence to the prescribed therapy and increase patients’ quality of life. Increased adherence will contribute to a healthy outcome which will benefit all parties involved.

SHL’s connected drug delivery systems are suitable for various therapy areas. One example is the disposable Molly® C auto injector concept with a reusable recording unit that can be customized for specific user needs.

“Every Injection Counts™” is a program that opens up endless opportunities to add value in improving adherence and beyond. Connected to a smartphone, a computer or a database/cloud via Bluetooth or other wireless technologies, “Every Injection Counts™” collects data that can be potentially used in clinical trials, quality registers, and post authorization studies. It can also be used to provide feedback and advice to patients.


SHL is developing intuitive training systems that provide a controlled, repeatable method for teaching and learning. The training method is multi-lingual and uses a unique graphical interface for superior user experience. Enhancing the learning process creates user confidence which will improve adherence.


Therapy outcome relies on drug efficacy and safety. To address these factors, SHL is working on environmental recording solutions for pharmaceutical applications which help ensure that the product has been continuously handled within its allowed margins.

Our environmental recording solutions can be employed throughout the supply chain, including the last mile to the patient, on a single unit level, for example on vials, cartridges and pre-filled syringes.